Greetings, my fellow Projinist

I was killing ants in my garden when I suddenly remembered the Jain preachings that taught that man has no right to kill an animal. That is when I began wondering…

Who declares rights? Is it ethical to suppress your rights voluntarily under some condition, or to let another subject violate it when you could have prevented it? At first instance, the answer is obviously affirmative, because rights, after all, are meant to secure a person’s being, but if the person does not want it, I believe that he or she has the right to curb his or her rights. The ultimate right is the right to curb your own rights, lest it should turn into a “rightful dictatorship”.

I thought – what if every ants’ goal in life is to die? I mean, they really have no way to kill themselves. So, I am here to absolve the ant from its suffering. Now, that argument is absolutely ridiculous just because we, humans want to live. That does not give us the right to draw an analogy or any sort of comparison with the life of an ant. While biologists may argue that ants running away from peril is clearly a sign of the willingness to live, I believe that the fleeing is a result of evolution. I mean most of the time, an ant that does get stuck in peril, ends up getting half killed and stays so for a long time (believe me, not even ants wish to suffer). This is the reason why ants run away from all sorts of peril that seem trivial to them – not dangerous enough to completely kill them.

The only inference I can draw from the previous paragraph is that ants believe that humans are not the best source of peril. They are pitiful, yet ruthless. Ants want a inhumane being to absolve them of their troubles.

If I were to invent a religion, it would require people to stomp their way through instead of walking. Most importantly, it would ban ballerinas. Ants are much more likely to be 100% killed by a freestyle dancer than a graceful ballerina. My religion is an advanced form of Jainism. It is “ProJinism” (without the uppercase ‘J’, obviously). Let’s call its followers “Projinists” or “Projinites” (can be used interchangeable).

Let’s recap what we’ve learnt so far. To do so, my fellow Projinite, I introduce you to a Projinite ballerina. KILL HER!!!!

Humour aside, we shall define some more rules for this religion of ours.