Thinking my way to The Truth

Not everyone thinks.

Most of us who do usually think about the known, and the unknown is reserved for the hours of sleep, which, most of us do not care to remember. Most of us who can remember discard it as a sheer source of amusement that is to be pondered upon for not beyond the morning coffee.

It is absolutely logical to admit that the intelligence of every following generation has been decreasing, and the relatively large leaps in discoveries and inventions are a thing of the past. Any future discoveries are merely a product of our increased knowledge and resources, but not intelligence.

This is something I would like to call the anti-Moore’s law of the human brain. Its thinking capacity reduces over time. Nevertheless, that is not the objective of this post. This is something we all tacitly agree with (of course, shamelessly). The real purpose of this post was to reflect upon my idea, (rather “the idea”) that everything that mankind has known to date can be achieved my mere thinking.

Although this idea might seem far fetched, or even ridiculous, a dreg of thinking (yes, I feel even this notion can be derived from thinking) might lead you to the same result. 

iOS 7 is released and I am too impatient to complete the article.