I am being chased by a whole army. A hijacked airplane – guns – bullets and me.

Oh, and this is happening right in my house. Then, I escape – run out right under the nose of my pursuers. I go to a familiar street (a street from another dream), still being chased by a man in an auto. I manage to evade him, and get the help of an old lady (she helps me because I am on the developer team of Siri 3.0)!

I end up in BEL Circle, and then in another place from another dream.

A voice in me tells me to run to America, but I run back to my house, into my own grave. I should say, those people were so surprised by my daringness, that they believed whatever I said (this happened in my room). I remember saying something about the Taliban. Yes, I managed to convince them!

It’s already Friday! It was about 8 (or was it 9) – the first day I woke up late. Its depressing that no one’s playing lately. I just hope the trend doesn’t get contagious. First thing in the morning – Android developing! It guess I started late, but no worries! Not much progress today.

Just an off side remark – I hate these long awesome days, there’s so much to write. And then there’s that “Oh yeah!” moment, when you remember something more.

The Kite Runner is truly amazing – Afghans are wicked cool. It’s a really good book, not much stereotypes.

Vamos should have come home, I went instead. We played carom, I lost; we played cricket, I lost. Off to peacock reserve. (Did I get the Vamsi syndrome? It is hard to spell peacock).

That ride was fast. At 80 kmph, my fastest and most fuel consuming ride came to an end at the entrance. It’s a goddamn forest with no people for light years. Kinda bumpy ride inside, but what a place! Returned home, played with Basavraj and his newfound anonymous cousin. Remember to keep your arms apart when taking the run up.

Well, I’m back home, reading the kite runner, defeating mom at carom, and writing diary notes.

Signing off,


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