Everyone! Pause the madness!

Electronic overload

As a consumer, I believe I have the right to call this overflow of the mobile device market ‘a madness’. Since about a month, I’ve been waking up to a new device every morning.

This guerilla warfare on the consumers with new operating systems, new devices  (and drop tests), new technology, new patents, new lawsuits needs to be stopped.

Apple customers got enraged when the company released an iPad 4 just when the former had finished digesting its predecessor – the iPad 3. Apple had to apologize for their action.

HTC, Nokia and Samsung don’t seem to be learning from Apple’s mistakes, but they will – sooner or later. Nokia’s Lumia series already has over ten models, while HTC has over two hundred phones in its kitty. I refuse to comment on Samsung (because I don’t understand if it’s a phone or a tablet they’re selling), but they have 61 devices in their Galaxy series alone.

The overwhelming number of Android phones is plain disgusting. Do you remember the Samsung Galazy S II Skyrocket HD? If you do, it’s probably because it’s big dumb name is so unthinkably big and dumb.

The funny part is, this whole thing is a paradox, akin to a nuclear war where no one manufacturer can be blamed. You are left with no other alternative but to follow suit when your rival is armed with a series of new devices. Therefore, I appeal to everyone – every smartphone manufacturer (the same goes for tablets) to pause for a moment, let technology evolve over time, and feed the consumer smartly (and slowly).


Atheism at its best

Blooms and Bubbles

Steve is a non-religious Jew, and I am an observant Episcopalian, but we both value irreverence. Recently, Stevie wrote this to me in an email:

“As you might guess, the only thing I know about Vestry is that the word ‘rector’ is hilarious. I would love to sit down and discuss religion with you at some point. Religious discussions in this country are all about ‘me versus you, and I’m right.’ People who are religious genuinely fascinate me. I often envy them their beliefs. However I tend to infuriate the believers, with my rampant joke-laden atheism.”

Steve drafted a list of topics, and we both promised not to get all huffy. What follows is a transcript of our virtual “sit down.” I hope we don’t offend, and that maybe you’ll share your take on God, Life, and Whatnot, too.


I call myself very Jewish and not…

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We’re living through an interesting and potentially groundbreaking peroid of history at the moment with “The Arab Spring”, the very first African-American  President of the United States taking and retaining office, the economic balance of power shifting eastwards, and seeing the biggest challenge to Capitalism since the Bolshevik Revolution and “The Great Depression” of the 1930’s.

However, if you live in the United Kingdom there is another potentially historic development arriving in 2014: Scottish Independence. If you’ve not been following the news or do not live in the UK I’ll give a rundown of what I’m about to address. All of the nations which currently make up “The United Kingdom” were not always part of it; Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland to be exact. Scotland has been part of the UK for just over three centuries, since the 1st of May 1707 to be precise when the Acts of Union…

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A letter of apology – to a pigeon

Dear Pigeon:

Had I thought twice before I let him take you away, you would, perhaps, be perched on some giant tree, hidden amidst foliage. That was not the case to be. The moment he bid goodbye to me, I cried – literally, but it was too late.

Of what use are those gates, if I throw it open for my refugees to be taken away? Did I make my fence a slaughterhouse? It’s as good as one, isn’t it?

Words – they are just tears on paper.
Regret – it’s useless.

Your foe,
Amogh M S