A 4K in continuum.

I don’t know why I ran today. I think it was most probably because my calves were not paining.

What I expect is seldom what happens. I had this idea of running to BEL Circle had been eating me since a couple of days. I never gave it a try, though. Started off with a normal pace and almost killed myself at one and a half kilometers. A small rest, and I was back again.

Nagaland Circle, and I knew that was it – no turning back. It’s a pretty cool track once you reach the main road. Ah, and I ran sans music thanks to yesterday’s discovery 😀

Half past six on my Nano by the time I reached there. Caught a Volvo and headed back home. Had to dump the idea of running back (it’s my longest run till date already)!

I make me proud 🙂


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