My longest adventure

It felt forever for today to arrive, and when it did, I was all geared up. It was half past five and I was up and stretching!

The Yosso 800 was where it all began, following which, I hit the streets and ran all the way to M S Palya. A decent 2.7K run. After a short break at Vamsi’s and a rejuvenating Jeffrey Archer short story, we hit the road again, and ended up doing a 3K at Sambram Roost – rough terrain.

It’s not very easy to keep going when your partner feels pretty exhausted and dehydrated (as he liked to put it). This one happened to my longest run, though the timing wasn’t that impressive.

Ten minutes of rest, and I was back on the way home (my calf didn’t seem to like the idea of walking back home). I’d say, that was quite a walk to end the workout with.

It’s 8 by the time I am home hugging mum and syncing my iPod!

Terrific day. Terrific run. Terrible speed.


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